Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative space...

So very close to finishing this quilt that started a long long time ago... sounds like the start of a fairy tale so I'm looking forward to the warm fuzzies and the end of this creation. It's fox's quilt. he's been on my tail to get it finished and i tried so hard to make a 'masculine' type quilt only to be told otherwise. Never mind, I'm sure he'll enjoy snuggling up under it very soon.

My second project on the go is my Quilt for Queensland. Just after i started making this baby the foot pedal on the pfaff gave up in the humidity and who can blame it really, it's been a hell of a wet season to put it nicely. A replacement pedal arrived from the states last week and I'm just it the process of quilting it together.

I decided to hand quilt it to give some extra loving to it's soon to be new owner. Never hand quilted before... it's a bit harsh on the finger tips but amazingly relaxing and fulfilling at the same time. You should try it.

I have one more project on the go but I will save it for later. Have fun checking out all the lovely Creative spaces over at Kootoyoo.... looks like the lovely Kirsty is trying something new too :)


  1. That quilt will be more than welcome in Queensland with the colder weather just beginning to creep up on us!

  2. Smocking is like hand quilting because both are slow and sweet! Love both the quilts~I have one to do for a friend for Easter. And love the fact that so many of my fellow crafters are like me, having so many projects started at once!! Thanks for the visit!

  3. What an amazing work, I didn't understand that those are stitched fabric circles and not printed fabric.
    Hand stitching, yes, I do quite a bit of it and I find you super relaxing as well.