Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm grateful for...

The people who work behind the scenes to make our lives as they are.
We moved to Townsville a year ago, it's a small city in the Queensland tropics. The roads North and south flood often and sometimes for weeks on end as we experienced over Xmas and new year. That meant that fresh food became scarce along with many other things essential and non essential including mail.

I know that a parcel bursting with new fabric (that i forgot i bought on some up late bender of etsy & flickr) makes my day. And just last week i received a lovely hand written thank you note from a lady who lost all her sewing gear in the floods.

This picture was taken from the passenger seat of our car while we were travelling back to Townsville from Mackay after Cyclone Yasi. When we saw this Australia Post truck we new the roads where open. What a lovely sight indeed.

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  1. That's just brought a little tear. I always tear up at the little guy who just gets the job done. See, there I go again. The bus drivers, the posties, the ice cream delivery man. I love them all. x