Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There's busy and then there's keeping busy.

Today I baked TWO black forest cakes.
One for my 12 year old who has an assignment due on Germany. 
Yes that's right, I'm doing HIS assignment, well part of it anyway.
Once that's done it's on to the secret Santa gifts for school. Only have to make 1 boy & 1 girl gift.
Then it's on to packing boxes for our move next Monday,.. gasp!

After making the cakes today-  that will be completed tomorrow I made this cute Army pencil case for a Birthday Party this weekend.Cool huh..

I'm keeping busy. My dad's in ICU in Canberra tonight.
Last week he just had a sore throat.
Today we're faced with Cancer and a lot of uncertainty.

I don't know what else to say except that I'm feeling both lost and very calm..


  1. Sorry to read here about your dad...keeping busy and productive is good in the short term.

  2. This is how it happens, one moment everything is perfectly ok and 5 minutes later everything has changed. It happened to me with my Mom, I felt lost, confused, beaten. Then mercyfully (and it seems incredible) you get used and you can live with the idea of your parent being sick. All the best for your father.
    And yes, I too did my childrens' school assignments...

  3. I just LOVE RJ's pencil case, couldn't help myself I had to take a peek! Can't wait to see his face when he opens it! You're so amazing xx

  4. Oh darling girl, so sorry about your father, let me know if i can take anything to him. Nothing is far from anywhere in Canberra. Let me know, love Posie